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Online Postal Address Checking & Repair Made Simple

Address Meister is a web-service for postal address verification and correction. It provides current, high-quality address data and verification logic without the cost and complexity of maintaining the nation's address database in-house.

Web Service Address Verification
Address Meister uses XML through either the SOAP or XML-RPC standards. Your web-service client connects to Address Meister, provides what is known about a particular address, and Address Meister validates the address or returns an informative error.

Great for:
Spotting bogus addresses on online order entry forms
Getting CASS-certified postal rates
Fixing address typos while the user is still online

Online Address Verification
Not interested in diving into Web Services? With every account you can verify addresses through a simple online form.

Great for:
Low volume use, such as Ebay Shippers.
Shipping important packages & letters

The Demo Address Meister account is FREE!

Do your bad addresses cost you more than that?

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